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Presentations: climate, environment, race, and Detroit

Climate Justice

The world is seeing higher temperatures globally than ever recorded, and continue to rise annually. Michigan, the United States, the globe will all be impacted. Those impacted at a disproportionate rate will be the poor and disenfranchised people. Bringing distributional justice into the conversation is crucial as we seek to create just and equitable policy solutions for a new Earth-centered society.

Toxic/Topics tours

Detroit Michigan has seen disinvestment since the post-war era. Highly racialized divestment and industrial reinvestment in the fossil fuel industry has made our city a poster child for how not to do it. What does the land tell us? What do the people of this land know? How have the ancestors carved out a history lending us the knowledge to make changes for the better. Detroit knows.

Race and Racism

Early colonial settlement of the United States created a social system which reflects a hierarchy based on one’s skin color. Slavery, indigenous resettlement, immigration laws, laid forth a social code which still resides in many institutions. How do people experience race in the United States today as a product of that history? How does it show up on a day to day basis within settler society? Discussions and conversations of race help heal our society, asking us all to get on the road to recovery. Dismantling racism trainings, and evaluations help us also to undo societal injustice.

Environmental Justice

The Principles of Environmental Justice solidified a movement which claimed that people of color and poor people share a disproportionate burden of toxins in the United States. A growing body of research proves this over and over, race and income are determining factors in the placement of toxic facilities. Our communities have reacted by creating safer places and spaces to reclaim the earth and its bounty: food, recreation, media, and more. We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

Speak Out

Communications: public speaking, storytelling, media planning, narrative shifting

Public Speaking

Amplifying the message that another future is possible helps to inspire those already committed, and motivates people looking to get involved in the greater good. How can we be our best selves in the era of climate change, and what can be done to transform our society and save lives before it’s too late? The message resonates from small groups of 4-5 to large audiences of 250.


Understanding our own truths is a transformative experience, speaking and saying them aloud gives us permission to reflect on that story within our communities. When does a single story become history? And how do power and privilege change our perception and self-determination? Using story we can reveal new truths and commonalities across divisions.

Media Planning

Thinking about amplifying and solidifying a message in the media means identifying an audience, the point of view and point of the story so that we are easily understood. Who is the messanger and how will it be received? What is the right vehicle? These questions are critical whether communicating internally within an organization or externally on print or social media.

Narrative Shifting

False solutions to fight pollution? The way we begin to visualize a just and equitable future begins with understanding the lay of the land, policy, people and politics all play a role in a game of relativity. How can we shift the narrative to bring forth a vision for social justice that is actionable and realistic now? Use tools and knowledge to understand where we are, and where we want to be for the next generation.


Speak Together

Facilitation: strategic planning, creative resistance, consensus building, diversity & equity assessments

Strategic Planning

As collaboratives, organizations, and institutions work, often times they strive for efficiency, responding to the urgent needs of now. Often what is most needed is to step back and understand that these bodies are a collection of individuals with hopes, dreams and complexities. Coming together to create a roadmap that is readable is a luxury everyone deserves. It can reduce conflict, and recommit members for the long haul.

Creative Resistance

Can you visualize the world you want to see? Do you see the words before you? What are the colors it brings to mind? The shapes and forms? How does that compare to your friend, comrade, coworker? Using visualizations we as humans see differently, talking through cultural cues, and co-creating new ideas fills our cup.

Consensus Building

It’s not easy. But take the time to understand the basic motivation of those around you. What emotional labor do we expend daily to get there? What do we sacrifice to stay present? Hidden and un-discussed issues impact our ability to be present, stay involved, or work together. If a decision can be made with consent, will it help us persevere? Find out.

Diversity & Equity Assessment
Will it work? How will I know? Let’s break it down. As a guide will tell you, the landmarkers that are there today, may not be there tomorrow. You may not remember what you see on your trail until you write it down. Where are you going, where do you want to be, and with whom will you travel can all tell you how successful you were, at a later date. Whether it’s to diversify your organization, or to set equity guidelines in programming, we can work together on a common language, goals, and metrics for success.  

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